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Thibault Bertin

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Thibault is a French Software Engineer who is passionate about teamwork and international environments. In 2020, Thibault obtained a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering and smashed it by passing with honours. He first joined the Remarkable Dynamics team as part of our internship programme during his 5th year at University. Following that, he continued with us in a permanent position as a Full-Stack Developer. Previously, Thibault studied in the USA in 2019, interned in Canada in 2018 and completed a study year in 2016 at the renowned Flowbird / Parkeon. He enjoys the planning and problem solving that needs to be considered when creating each feature, and this has continued to motivate him to increase his knowledge within the IT field. In his free time, Thibault enjoys photography and sports. He completed the Ottawa Half Marathon!

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