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Digital Transformation

Enhancing a 30 year old business with new technologies

In 2018, a global VAT recovery business established for over 3 decades and serving clients in 140 countries discovered Remarkable Dynamics on the Microsoft Partnerships community. 

Combining specialist human skills with technology, this company has recovered over a billion pounds for their clients; five thousand businesses, including many of the world’s largest companies, working in sectors from automotive to banking, pharmaceuticals to I.T. and every conceivable service industry.

The client required a business intelligence consultancy to help them use the data generated in their VAT recovery engine to report more easily to clients in a custom built portal. 

After conducting a detailed analysis of existing processes and data flows, our team used an agile methodology to ascertain the specific questions that needed to be answered by the solution. 

Interactive Microsoft PowerBI Dashboards

Through this process Remarkable Dynamics created templates, data abstractions and mockups of the designs which could be tested with users before completing an MVP which the client could put before their clients for immediate feedback.

Web Portal with Embedded PowerBI

Our User Experience experts worked with the client's .Net application team to deliver a secure web portal based on Azure Web Applications technology with PowerBI embedded within the portal. 

Secure Access to Data

Key to success of the project was to protect the data delivered through the client portal. Remarkable Dynamics designed and implemented a row level security system for the data from the SQL Server Database matched to the identity provided from the Azure Active Directory service. 

This application has now been used to help the client win more business from existing and new customers. 


Successful implementation of a custom web portal with Embedded PowerBI

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